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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Welcome to Lotterymaster’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), where you will find a response to each one of your Lotterymaster Frequently Asked Questionsdoubts. The FAQ is a compilation of the most common questions that the average lottery player has. In the case that you don’t find your query, please contact our Customer Support. They will be happy to assist you and guide you till you choose your lucky numbers and purchase your favorite lottery ticket. Your opportunity to know. Your chance to win.

General Information

Is it compulsory to be 18 years old to play in Lotterymaster?

We try our best to follow the terms and conditions of all the international official lotteries included in our site, and in most of them the restricted age to be able to play the lottery is 18 or even 21. In any case Lotterymaster recommends each client to read the specific laws that apply to the country they reside before purchasing a ticket in our site.

I have seen in other online lotteries, a tax deducted from the cash prizes. Does this happen in Lotterymaster?

If you win, we will gladly transfer you the total sum of the cash prize after the official National Lottery deducts the local or federal taxes if there are any at all. Lotterymaster will only withhold the costs of the bank transfer. Any other tax or legal reason to inform about the prizes to National Authorities will solely depend on the laws of the country you reside, and it will be your responsibility to act accordingly the jurisprudence of your country.

Why do I see in your site the annuity Jackpots and not their cash value? shows you the prizes and cash value of the Jackpots in the exact same way each Official Lottery declares them in their own site. By this method we are avoiding possible misunderstandings and only informing the exact detailed prizes as if you were entering in each of the official sites of each of the leading Lotteries.

There are various factors that differentiate the Lottery prizes worldwide, like taxation, winning odds, lottery entry price and local tax rate, in addition to the lottery’s annuity. That is why we publish the annuity and winning probabilities of each Lottery in the Information section, also available through the links lottery Info at the bottom of the Lottery Results page.

Can I have access to an official Lottery ticket?

Your personal representative will scan and send you the digital version of the official lottery ticket with your unique number selection. You may either print it and hold it in your hand, or virtually see it in the My Account page under the “Tickets” tab. The real tickets must be kept safely in the local trustee’s office, to allow future claims of the immediate prize payment. The winning tickets of Jackpots are later given to the fortunate player so he can personally present them to the official agents and claim their prizes.

Is the Lotterymaster site safe to use? How will you protect my information?

All our pages that include your personal or financial information, are protected by GeoTrust Security and encrypted under 128bit SSL security code.

Can I participate in a foreign Lottery?

Lotterymaster offers only the leading international lotteries you may participate and win, regardless of your residency. If you happen to see it in our site, is because you can buy online an official lottery ticket from them and win their millionaire prizes. Our worldwide network of representatives will locally purchase the ticket in your name only from authorized retailers recognized by the National Lotteries.

Why playing at Lotterymaster? allows you to participate in the Worldwide Leading and National Lotteries without moving from your computer. We give you the opportunity of virtually flying passport-free, play in the biggest Official Lotteries and win millions of dollars! All this plus a personalized service informing you when you win and collecting on your behalf your non-jackpot prizes. The awards will be waiting for you in your personal account. In the unforgettable occasion of winning a jackpot, will also inform you by a personal mail, plus we will hand in your winning ticket and guide you personally and locally to claim the first prize!

What is a lottery syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is a group of players who buy lottery tickets together. Each syndicate player owns a portion of these collective tickets and will receive a proportionate part of any winnings.

Why should I play lottery syndicates?

Joining a lottery syndicate will give you improved chances of winning lottery prizes while costing you less money. A syndicate allows you to play hundreds of different number combinations without having to buy multiple lottery tickets yourself. 

As part of a syndicate you have a chance to win multiple times in each draw and you will be able to share the excitement of winning with other lottery players.

How are syndicate winnings divided and paid out?

When a lottery syndicate wins, the prizes are split evenly between the total shares. Your portion of the syndicate’s prizes will depend on the amount of shares you purchased in the syndicate.

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