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DaLotto Promotions

Playing the lotto at DaLotto is never boring with our regular exciting promotional offers. DaLotto runs several promotions that will boost your playing experience as well as keep you entertained for a very long time.

Welcome Bonus

After you have successfully registered at DaLotto, we will reward you with a $2 bonus credit into your account which you could use for future plays.

Gift Bonus

If you love playing the lottery as much as we do, you are welcome to invest in more games at DaLotto. For every $200 deposit into your account, we will reward you with an extra $10 bonus credit.

Frequent Player Points

For every ticket you purchase, you will receive bonus points. This means that each time you spend at DaLotto, we will reward you in player points which you may redeem for more tickets. The more times you play, the more points you will redeem, the more tickets you’ll able to buy, the better your chances of winning! 

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